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The above stats are based on Flurry Analytics tracking 1.126 Trillion user sessions in 2013.

My takeaway: (As expected) Social apps & platforms targeting mobile users remain the most lucrative business proposition into 2014.

Snapshot of Australia’s Mobile Digital Economy 2012 – 2013

A report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) dated November 2013 indicates that mobility in Australia experienced an increase of 33% (or 10% points) compared to June 2012 and a whopping 510% increase since June 2008.

Some interesting stats from the report:

Digital Workers

  • 5.64 million Australians use the internet to work away from the office, the so called ‘digital workers’;
  • 12.86 million Australians used online banking or bill paying in the six months to May 2013, up 10% since May 2012.


  • At June 2013, there were 31.09 million mobile services in operation in Australia, up 3% since June 2012;
  • At May 2013, 11.19 million people had a smartphone, up 2% from May 2012;
  • 13.08 million Australians downloaded a mobile app in the six months to May 2013;
  • During June 2013, 7.5 million Australians accessed the internet via their mobile phones, an increase of 33% from June 2012;
  • 42% of adults accessed the internet via a mobile phone during June 2013, compared to 32% during June 2012;
  • The number of users of VoIP via mobile phones and tablets increased by 73% and 150% respectively in the 12 months to June 2013;
  • 40% of Australians used 6 or more separate communication services in the 6 months to May 2013.

Emergency Services

  • During 2012–13, over 8.8 million calls were made to emergency service numbers;
  • 99.1% of calls were answered within 10 seconds, meeting the regulatory requirements.

Data Downloads

  • Australians downloaded 676,898 terabytes of data in the June quarter 2013 — a 59% increase on the June quarter 2012;
  • 93% of data downloaded occurred via fixed-line broadband;
  • The average mobile phone internet user downloaded 1 GB of data in the quarter ending June 2013, compared to 107.9 GB for the average fixed-line broadband user. (For fixed-line broadband internet users, for example, this could equate to accessing data equivalent to 20 high definition movies, 2,000 songs and also 4,200 e-books during the quarter);
  • 14 million Australians using cloud computing services in the six months to May 2013, compared to 12.57 million in the six months to May 2012;
  • 9 out of the top 10 online news sites accessed in Australia during June 2013 were Australian.

Regulated Telco

  • At June 2013, there were 6.68 million fixed-line telephone services covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard, a decrease of 6 per cent since June 2012;
  • At June 2013, there were 8.74 million numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register—a 13 per cent increase from June 2012.