SharePoint consultancies are beginning to leverage SharePoint Services on AWS to provision a Managed SharePoint service for their clients. 

The Windows 8 App Ecosystem is Growing

The Windows 8 app ecosystem is growing rapidly since the release of Windows 8 in late October 2012. The following stats from Next Web summarise the number of new Windows 8 apps over the last few months:

  • October 30th, 2012 – 10,000 apps 
  • November 6th, 2012 – 13,000 apps
  • November 14th, 2012 – 16,000 apps
  • November 22nd, 2012 – 20,000 apps 
  • December 27th, 2012 – 35,000 apps

At the current rate of 415 new apps per day, Windows 8 will reach the 50,000 app mark on February 1st, 2013.

Lync Video Resolution and Line Rate

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Schertz’s (Lync MVP) blog and are the results of real tests: 

In the following graph, the labeled bars indicate the documented bandwidth range for each resolution contained within RTV (Microsoft Realtime Video codec for Lync), yet the darker colored-matched bars across the bottom show which resolution was negotiated when calling from an HD capable Lync (2010) client into a virtual meeting room set to each of the recorded Line Rates.

Windows Azure advertising: Microsoft hires the world’s fastest rapper 


Somebody better … Stop me,
Wait a minute … They’re not me,
Windows Azure got my back can’t stop me,

Now … Watch me,

Scaling web applications so promptly,
Organizing everything in a platform cloud,
Keeping everything together floating around,
Moving at the speed of light never slowing us down,
Comprise three recourses holding it down,

SaaS, software, paaS, platform, IaaS, infrastructure, together it last

We’re thinking outside the box,
Staring though Windows,
Secured in a Microsoft data center, 
Files send those,
Hosting storage see they commend those,
Management compute,

That’s Azure Windows,

Modern day Manzoni, only in my prim and leaving them lonely,
Lonely no one, there’s nothing better you can show me homie,
I’ll be using it and moving quicker then anybody,
It’s not a hobby, and if you know… me, you know that

Put them in the back of an online backpack,
Moving… this quick so we don’t lack,
Wait a minute…, no we gone quick, and that’s that

Window Azure moving forward never back,

Staring through windows looking at hadoop, mongoDB, java, were on top
php, python—you can run them quickly.
Hosting storage they commend those. 
Content Delivery Network, it’s in those.
Creating websites in seconds Azure Windows.
Spinning VM’s


Now you can travel light and at that same speed.
Azure Windows, we in this.
Ride with me to the future at full speed.

In 2004, for every 56 Windows devices sold, only 1 Apple device was sold. A new report has emerged that reveals that the ratio has now dropped to below 2.

In terms of Windows PC versus Mac OS X, Windows sells 19 units for every unit Apple sells.

Analysis reveals that the ratio of PC’s versus Mac’s is the narrowest since the 90’s. My take is that the tablet market is a major contributor to the decline of the PC market, rather than Mac’s posing a genuine threat at this point in time.