The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive (16 GB) for $169.95
A flash drive that enables you to transfer or view files from a computer on an iPad or iPhone. The device plugs into a Mac or PC’s USB port, holds up to 16 GB of documents, photos, videos, or music, and connects to an iPad or iPhone, allowing you to transfer the files or simply view or listen to them on the mobile device.

A free app enables simple file transfers and allows you to back up contacts or save email documents less than 10 MB directly from the app. Accommodates over 35 file formats including Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs, JPGs, MP4, and MP3.

Compatible with iPhone 5, 4S, 4, and 3GS; iPod touch 5th, 4th, and 3rd generations; all iPad models, and iPad mini. Requires iOS 6. 2 ¾" L x 1" W x ½" D. (4 oz.)

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Apple’s revenue for the last quarter by segment. Will they smash the numbers for the iPhone next quarter when they release the iPhone 5?

In 2004, for every 56 Windows devices sold, only 1 Apple device was sold. A new report has emerged that reveals that the ratio has now dropped to below 2.

In terms of Windows PC versus Mac OS X, Windows sells 19 units for every unit Apple sells.

Analysis reveals that the ratio of PC’s versus Mac’s is the narrowest since the 90’s. My take is that the tablet market is a major contributor to the decline of the PC market, rather than Mac’s posing a genuine threat at this point in time.