The iPhone 5 against it’s competition.

Scott Forstall, Apple’s Senior Vice President for iOS Software says that Apple are in the qualifying stages of providing turn by turn navigation on iOS for Australia. 

The Samsung Series 5 Slate looks similar to the Apple MacBook Air. But then again, the MacBook Air does look like an evolution of the Sony Vaio’s of old.

Apple’s revenue for the last quarter by segment. Will they smash the numbers for the iPhone next quarter when they release the iPhone 5?

I downloaded OS X Mountain Lion or OS X 10.8 the moment Apple released the upgraded O/S on the App Store. Generally, I’m extremely happy with the speed, stability and some of the cool new features in Mountain Lion.

However, the one feature that I’ve decided not to use is Dictation & Speech. I definitely don’t want dictated data (note that this includes Contact data) being sent to Apple.

In 2004, for every 56 Windows devices sold, only 1 Apple device was sold. A new report has emerged that reveals that the ratio has now dropped to below 2.

In terms of Windows PC versus Mac OS X, Windows sells 19 units for every unit Apple sells.