Walmart’s Channel Strategy

“Walmart is investing in all channels, all the time" — CEO Bill Simon at the Goldman Sachs Global Retail Conference.

Digital-physical convergence projects that Wal-Mart has launched in the last 12 months include:

  • Ship from store has recently gone from the pilot phase to a broader rollout.
  • Pay with cash for online orders.
  • Lockers in stores. Customers can order online and then go their store locker to pick up items.
  • Scan and go mobile payment. Self-checkout by a customer using a smartphone.
  • Store-specific mobile app.  Tells shoppers what specials are available in a specific store on a specific date.
  • Same day delivery. Up and running in San Francisco for groceries.
  • Non-traditional loyalty marketing program. Uses multiple data sources to produce a multi-dimensional view of individual shoppers and customer segments. It pulls and aggregates data from Sam’s Club,, traceable tender in Walmart stores, and data from suppliers.

Inside Walmart’s Digital-Physical Convergence Strategy | Retail Best Practices | RIS News

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